Friday, 11 January 2013


I'm sorry I just had to write about this.. You all knew it was coming, but Net-A-Porter... WOWEE. It does a great job at making my heart skip beats. I'm too scared to even sometimes look at this site because of the hefty price tags on some garments, however I have been dong my sneaky bargain-hunting-fashionista research and found some great buys for under £50! (Still steep, but hey ho! My brush of a designer bargain) Plus being Jan it's the end of season sale so get browsing guys!

1. KENNETH JAY LANE - Gold-plated crystal snake and enamel ring (Absolute bargain at £33.. Have you seen the other prices?!)

2. AUBIN & WILLS - Horncastle printed bikini top £20 bottom £15 (Great if you plan on getting some winter sun, but I will be slightly jealous of you) top and bottoms

3.KARL - Judit printed jersey racer-back tank £32.50 (Need I say more KARL, KARL... KARL, Your very own slice of KARL!)

4. MISS TRISH - Lowtide rubber flip flops £20 (Yes, it's true, flipflops can be fashionable! Just ask Miss Trish)

5. MARC BY MARC JACOBS - Metallic Stardust Logo iPhone 4 case £15 (If some of you were lucky enough to receive an iPhone from Santa then why not jazz it up with a Marc Jacobs case. Who says you can't be playful with your technology too... I'd outfit co-ordinate!)

6. GRACE CODDINGTON - Grace: A Memoir hardcover book by Grace Coddington £20 - (If you're as much of a fashion bunny as I am then you would have got your mits on this book already - however I will let you off if you haven't. Grace is the one and only Vogue fashion editor. Therefore an essential read for the Vogue following)

Last but not least (the most steep)...

7.CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA - Big Kiss leather lips clutch £172.50 (I'm sorry I'm sorry I just had to include this lush purse!!! God save me... I know it's such a splurge but how can you not resist those big juicy lips of Charlotte Olympia and at SALE PRICE too!!! Grab them before they go... GOGOGOGO)

Many thanks to my online lust list

Alice x

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