Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My daily skin care routine

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while fashion bunnies, I've been tremendously ill!! Stuck in bed with my face in a steamer downing lots of hot ribena. Being quarantined inside means one thing... I thought I'd share with you my skin care routine. Yippee!

From left to right :
1. Eau Thermale Avene - Gel demaquilant douceur - gentle gel cleanser
(Squirt a small blob roughly size of 20p coin onto a cotton wool pad and gently swipe across face in circular motions)

2. Olay essentials - refreshing toner
(liquid state so be careful when spraying onto a cotton will pad - same instructions as above)

3. Bio-Oil
(only use on scars/marks/blemishes for up to 3 months - apply a small amount of oil onto your finger and gently massage the appropriate area of skin)

4. St. Ives - Blemish fighting - Apricot scrub
(Only use 2 times a week depending on skin type too - use as a face mask and when washing off gently exfoliate facial skin paying attention to T-zone)

5. No7 Protect & Perfect - Night cream
(Apply before bed to appropriate areas)

I have combination skin which means I suffer from almost everything! (wheres my sympathy) I can break out, have oily skin especially T-zone and even suffer awful dry and sore skin. Over several years I have perfected my skin routine and products to suit my own skin and its properties (also I find the above 5 products non-harsh)

I use them in the order listed leaving no.5 until before bed but I presume you gathered that!

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