Saturday, 12 January 2013

Blogs glorious blogs!

Out in the world wide web there are tons of fabulous fashion blogs just waiting to be discovered, but I'd love to share with a handful of my favourites (apart from mine obvs)...

1. - this amazing website allows you to view peoples amazing street style from around the world... Great for tips and tricks to re-vamp any wardrobe.

2. - She is possibly my favourite fashion idol, Miss Olivia Palermo. I love to oogle at her all day long! Her style is so cool yet classy - always on the fashion fore-front.

3. - This blog will do wonders for you if you are interested in current fashion trends but maybe are on a limited budget. She blogs almost daily and uploads images of her outfits and where she bought the clothes from!

4. - One of my favourite beauty blogs (this one actually inspired me to start my very own). She shares her makeup and beauty box with you and will write out product reviews and celebrity Q&As!

5. - Last but by no means least is a blog by an up and coming girl band! They post about all things - their music covers, what they're wearing, quirky pics etc... Great for 5 mins of inspiration.

Alice x

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